Where it all started

When Edwin and I started development of our first game, we never had hoped that the result could be to have more than 100.000.000 downloads one day. But here it is, we have welcomed our 100.000.000 player!

Back in 2013 when we launched our first game, we were just with the two of us. Having no marketing budget to promote the game, we knew that working closely with the people that downloaded the game was the way forward. Putting a lot of effort in working closely with and for the community of players, the word around our game spread fast. People always requested features in the game or certain buildings to be added and up until now, we try to listen to the suggestions from the community as much as possible. After all, there is a reason behind the name ‘Sparkling Society’.

A ‘Sparkling Society’ of 100.000.000

These days we work with over 20 people to continuously improve the games and build features and adapt the games in ways people like and expect from us. Even though with 100.000.000 opinions, we feel we still deliver what our mission was right from the start. Looking at the current success of City Island 5, which is our best game yet in all ways, our community seems to agree on that 🙂

Let’s aim even higher now and head for one billion downloads!