What’s new in City Island 4

To give you some inside information we want to let you know that City Island 4 is almost ready to be released. The gameplay remains the same as the other city building games, BUT there will be a few new aspects. During the construction of a building, scaffolding will appear around the building. When your building is completed the opening will be celebrated with balloons and cheering …Yeeuhh 😀
It will be very useful to add decoration into your city because decoration will give the surrounding buildings a happiness boost!

Beware! Your buildings need regular maintenance.

What else?

  • Cooler user interface;
  • People biking;
  • Busses and tractors on the road;
  • People walking the dog;
  • Day and night feature;
  • People with umbrellas……and…
  • A lot of surprises in each new update!

You can also enjoy the weather on our new islands with beautiful beaches and nice new parks.

Sunday 27th of December City Island 4 will be available!!!

Mark, Edwin & Marleen

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