Amazing achievements thanks to YOU!

Dear Sparkling Society family member,

As we love to share our passion on creating awesome games together with players from all around the world, we are incredibly proud on what we have achieved together with you in 2015! With your support, help, feedback, 5 star ratings and appreciations, we have achieved amazing things!

Below we’ll share some figures that we can hardly believe to be possible for a small Indie developer that we are, with just a few enthusiasts and a lot of wonderful Sparkling Society members. Thanks to you -and in return- we can continue developing cool features and new games for you!

Facts & Figures

Here we go…in 2015:

  1. Approximately 2.5 million Sparkling Society members played our games each month
  2. Together they played for 3,284,482,014 minutes
  3. 54,741,366 hours
  4. 2,280,890 days
  5. 6249 years…!
  6. Overall 358,959,783 sessions were played by
  7. 20,528,321 Sparkling Society members!
  8. And on 31st of December we had a record breaking total of 418,963 players in one day!

Awesome, isn’t it?!!

What to expect in 2016

Based on the feedback we get from you guys, we still have a lot of things to build and go for in 2016. We have a lot of features on our list for the current games, most of them for City Island 3 and 4. Furthermore, as you may know, we already have been working for a year or so on two new game genres: a strategy battle game and a trading card game. This year, we’ll aim for those to see the daylight! And of course, we’ll conclude 2016 with City Island 5 (any ideas or requests? :)))

Stay tuned for many many more and keep your feedback, issues and more coming through the helpdesk, facebook, our brand new forum, instagram, twitter, youtube, ..!

So cheers to a great 2015 and let’s make 2016 an even better one…together!!

Marleen, Edwin & Mark

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Watch our behind the scenes & Happy New Year video: