City Island 3 – Available now!!

If you liked City Island and the early tycoon games and you like to build a lot, you will definitely love our third citybuilder game! City Island 3 is a whole new game of the City Island series. Any idea what Jungle Slush, Desert Shore, Rough Rocks, Gone Greenlands, Vulcano Vitus, Swampy Slopes and Lagoon Atoll can be? Perhaps island names?

…watch out for sandstorms, these could damage your houses…

Curious about the game?

Download City Island 3 here!

Ideas are welcome!

We decided to develop this game based on your ideas and feedback. So every time that we update the game, it could be possible that we will add an idea of yours.  Post your ideas here: City Island 3 Facebook (don’t forget to like this page)

City Island 3