City Island 4 on iPad / iPhone / iPod

Dear City Island fan,

As you may have noticed, City Island 4 is not yet available in the Apple store. We are just as disappointed as you that it is not available yet for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Apple requires an app to be approved by the Apple team before it can be published. In other words, to be able to launch City Island 4 on the 27th of December in the Apple store, we are dependent on Apple to approve and publish the game in time.  During the Xmas period, the Apple team is on holiday and before their holiday, the game unfortunately had not been approved yet. So, even though we have an awesome game ready for your iPads/iPhones/iPods, it is not yet available in the Apple store..

We really hope that, as soon as Apple returns from its holiday, City Island 4 will be approved and published very soon! We’ll let you know as soon as it is available and (where) you can download it from the Apple store!

Sorry you need to wait longer…!!


Best regards,

Marleen, Edwin & Mark