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We work very hard to develop new games and when there are issues in the current games we always try to help you to find a solution!

One of our fans of City Island 3 was so happy that Marleen sorted out his issue in the game, that he decided to send her this very nice email:

Hi Marleen

Well for 2 whole days now I have been opening all the islands and playing the game as it should be, although I am playing it as if I’m disabling a bomb ha ha, so thank you so much for your help and in the end what looks like the solution to the problem. You are truly a lovely and amazing lady, and a wonderful ambassador for sparkling games. I have played all the city island games and enjoyed them immensely and I am looking forward to playing any new games that come up.

So thank you once again and hopefully I will not have to bother you with any problems in the future, although if it’s ok with you I pop in and say hi every now and again as I now feel as if your a friend.

Take care