Sparkling design contest

Sparkling design contest

Have you ever dreamed of your own designed building to become a real City Island 5 building? Dream no more and join this contest to have a chance at making it a reality!

How to participate?
Design a COMMUNITY type building. You can draw it by hand, make it in 3D, digital paint it, it doesn’t matter, AS LONG as it is your OWN design. Entries that contain content you did not make will be disqualified! If you make it in 3D, please make sure to add some work in progress images of it and mention the software you’re using. – Give your building a name and a description on why this represents a Community building. If you want, you can add the preferred surface type too!

Send your entry to BEFORE Sunday December 6th 23:59PM UTC. Only entries that are sent to this email will participate. – You can send as many entries as you want, as long as they follow the requirements mentioned. – If you are one of the winners, you agree that your entries and copyright subsisting in the entries become and remain the property of Sparkling Society. This contest is not endorsed, sponsored or administrated by Facebook We will pick the top 5 entries and start a poll on Tuesday December 8th. This poll will last for one week, so the final top 3 winners will be revealed on December 15th!

The top 3 winner designs will become REAL City Island 5 Community buildings🎉❤️ Check out the final image to see the previous winners from the Residential and Commercial categories!😍 Good luck everyone and we can’t wait to see what you will create! Please keep this thread free for questions about this contest, so questions won’t get lost😊

✍️NOTE: Prizes can only be sent to Android/iOS/Windows players

About last year

When a new year starts, people tend to look back on the past year.
We did the same. And what a year we had. 2019 was great in many ways and we are well on our way of making 2020 just as great…or even better!

Have a look at this infographic showing how and what we did last year.

Fantasy Island Sim – Fun Forest Adventure

Fantasy Island Sim – Fun Forest Adventure

Adventure awaits!
In the magical world of Fantasy Island Sim live many tribes, each with their own quests, skills and secrets. The pirates for example like to explore the secrets of the world and collect treasures found in chests. Need to boost your economy? Trade goods and resources with the gnomes. One day the Dwarfs will build their castle, until then they will harvest ore and forge gold for you. The elves are legendary in solving daily quests by using their magic. The villagers love to farm and produce crops.

Explore the magical world of Fantasy Island Sim.
Expand your kingdom into an empire and discover cute tribes like the gnomes, pirates, elves, polars, dwarfs and villagers. Each tribe has unique buildings you can build, most of them are epic, some are even legendary.

Gather resources and construct buildings.
Start with a medieval town and build up your economy by constructing production buildings and produce resources. You can harvest their goods and use these resources to construct new homes and shops. Slowly you will grow your town into a city.

What is your strategy?
In this city building simulation game you need to keep morale high in order to keep production up. But be aware, push your tribes too hard and they will leave your city.

Trade with your friends.
Use your skills to produce goods and trade resources with your friends! Play together and discover new tribes, unlock secret skills and find hidden treasures.
Enjoy this new city building simulation game together!

▶ Fantasy city building game
▶ Unlock different tribes and grow your kingdom into an empire
▶ Solve daily quests
▶ Explore the world and expand your kingdom
▶ Harvest ore and forge gold
▶ Choose your own path: strategy or simulation?
▶ Playable both offline and online

Fantasy Island Sim – Fun Forest Adventure into an empire is free to download and free to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s settings.

Check out other cool games from Sparkling Society, the creators of Fantasy Island Sim!



Where it all started

When Edwin and I started development of our first game, we never had hoped that the result could be to have more than 100.000.000 downloads one day. But here it is, we have welcomed our 100.000.000 player!

Back in 2013 when we launched our first game, we were just with the two of us. Having no marketing budget to promote the game, we knew that working closely with the people that downloaded the game was the way forward. Putting a lot of effort in working closely with and for the community of players, the word around our game spread fast. People always requested features in the game or certain buildings to be added and up until now, we try to listen to the suggestions from the community as much as possible. After all, there is a reason behind the name ‘Sparkling Society’.

A ‘Sparkling Society’ of 100.000.000

These days we work with over 20 people to continuously improve the games and build features and adapt the games in ways people like and expect from us. Even though with 100.000.000 opinions, we feel we still deliver what our mission was right from the start. Looking at the current success of City Island 5, which is our best game yet in all ways, our community seems to agree on that 🙂

Let’s aim even higher now and head for one billion downloads!


City Island 5: Pre-register NOW

City Island 5: Pre-register NOW

Hot news! You can pre-register now for the release of City Island 5!


Build a city, your city
“City Island 5 – Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game”, a new city builder game from Sparkling Society, will make you the mayor of small town starting on just one island. Send your airship to explore the world and unlock beautiful new islands to build your new cities on. In most city building games you are just managing one city, but in “City Island 5 – Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game” you will be expanding your horizon and skylines to new islands, each with a different theme and surface to build a city on. This city game is also playable as an offline game, so you can build your own city without internet or when you have no wifi connection. Join millions of players with the most popular casual city building game series on mobile!From a town, to a city, to a metropolis
Your town city will start small as a village, but your cities will grow larger by placing more buildings, and unlocking new islands. Building games in the City Island sim games series are well known for their very rewarding free to play offline games, packed with quests and loads of content, with always something to do. Visit the towns and cities of your neighbours or visit my city.City building with a goal, with a purpose
These simulation city builder games fall into the category: fun casual offline city building games for free. So this means that you’ll never get bored playing City Island 5 – Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game! Next to the hundreds of buildings to unlock, this island city builder games has dozens of quests to earn treasure chests packed with very cool stuff. Design and build your island city the way you want, and play with friends to help each other. These casual tycoon simulation games come with a lot of cool buildings and islands to unlock and will definitely make you stick around for long sessions to collect loads of money to make your town and cities grow and design them however you want to build a city.

“City Island 5 – Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game” City Builder Games Features:
▶ The newest game in the most popular city building game series on mobile!
▶ Collect, upgrade, decorate, explore in this complete construction simulation game!
▶ Collect rewards and earn treasure chests!
▶ Play this game offline or online. No internet connection required to play
▶ City builder games made fun again with dozens of cool islands to build your city on!
▶ Build your own city and watch other players’ cities as well!
▶ Don’t forget to rate us or give us feedback!

Snow Town – Ice Village World

Snow Town – Ice Village World


Snow Town is a sim game for ambitious mayors and creative city building minds.

City building game “Snow Town” is the ultimate challenge for ambitious mayors and creative city designers. Indulge yourself in all aspects associated with the job and life of a city manager. Organise employees for the companies in your city by taking good care of housing facilities, and make sure your citizens are happy by providing the best community services and education possible. Don’t forget to include a fire station and police station, but also the best library that money can buy. A proper balance is the essence for growth, but growing a beautiful city is just as attractive for your citizens as it is for you – as the designer of it all. A dazzling megapolis is the ultimate reward for you to show off with!


Your city in the snowy world of Snow Town is despite the strong cold wind and the icy temperatures anything but a boring or unattractive place, or an ice age village. Your citizens are happy to show themselves and let themselves be heard. Happy citizens go hand in hand with growth and prosperity, and all their happiness and joy is the reward for you–their mayor–for all your hard work and clever planning in this prosperous city.. But then, it doesn’t come for free. First you need to get your hands dirty and the job done! Tap and build away!

In Snow Town there is a huge collection of buildings and decorations that you can build. Your own imagination is the limit of what you can achieve, and you will continue to push your boundaries during play. Use the multitude of game options to build your dream city in your own pace, and don’t forget to enhance it with an efficient road network and some slippery footpaths.

It doesn’t matter what type of player you are. Maybe you prefer to play several short sessions a day, or maybe you are the kind of mayor that likes to get your teeth into the challenge and play for hours in a row? Snow Town offers enough variety and options to play the way you like it, when you like it. Fast or slow, short or long, relaxed or fanatical, it’s all there for you to enjoy!

Is your Snow Town city going to be your personal masterpiece? Nothing will be in your way once you start building in this game brought to you by the true masters of the genre. Tens of millions of players have preceded you in the mobile city building games by Sparkling Society, the absolute number 1 of the world!

– Choose from over 100 different buildings, parks and decorations.
– A fun and rewarding challenge to balance citizens, work and community facilities.
– Beautiful images, a city in snow was never more visually stunning.
– Many hours of gameplay, free of charge.
– Play it your way, your style, you decide. Flexibility is key.
– Millions of people around the globe play the city building games from Sparkling Society.


Farm Dream is live

Farm Dream is live

Over the past months, we have been working hard to finalize our first Farming Game: Farm Dream. And we are really excited to announce that is available in the store now.

So with this game, we hope we have answered your wishes and requests to us on making a farming game for you! We hope you like it 🙂

Download it both in the Play store and the Appstore




We have moved

We have moved

We have moved to our new office. You might find our building in our games soon 😀


Battle Cards Savage Heroes has been released

Battle Cards Savage Heroes, our second instalment in the Trading Card Games genre has been released this week. The game has a brand new pack of 62 cards that can be collected and played with.

The game features a single player campaign, a tournament mode and a brand new game mode: the Endurance mode. The game will prove to be an easy to get into, yet hard to master experience for any type of player.

The game is free to download in the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for iOS.

For more information about the game:

Join beta test for our New City Building Game

Join beta test for our New City Building Game

Great news! Currently we are finalizing a new city building game: Townville!

We expect the game to be launched in April! But before that, we would like to hear your feedback and thoughts on the game. Do you like to test and share your ideas? Then join the beta test by subscribing here:

We’ll send more info soon!

Fan Kit for Deck Adventures – Wild Arena

Awesome to see you all like Deck Adventures – Wild Arena so much! And thank you for all requests to release a Fan Kit with the used Art work. Your wish is our command 😉

Well…here it is!
We are officially introducing the first version of the Deck Adventure Wild Arena Fan Kit, for all of your content creation needs. By tapping/clicking the link below, the –294mb fan kit will automatically start downloading.

Download the Fan Kit here

Note: by downloading these files you are agreeing to Sparkling Society Fan Content Policy

Enjoy and we are excited to see your creations!

City Island 5 – coming in 2017!

City Island 5 – coming in 2017!

Stay tuned: Details on City Island 5 are coming soon. We expect to launch this game first half of 2017. So far, from all City Island games we built, we like this one best! We hope you agree 🙂 Besides City Island 5, we are also working on other titles, so stay tuned! To make sure you don’t miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter.

Deck Adventures Wild Arena is live

Last weekend we’ve launched a totally new game genre, a cardgame called: Deck Adventures Wild Arena. Deck Adventures Wild Arena is currently only available in The Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. During this so-called “soft launch” we collect feedback and data about the game, which will be used in order to improve the game in this period. The global launch is scheduled for December.

The game is free to download in the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for iOS.
Try it out:

For more information about the game:

Have fun!

New Cardgame is launched

Last weekend we’ve launched a totally new game genre, a cardgame called: Deck Adventure Wild Arena. Deck Adventure Wild Arena is currently only available in The Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. During this so-called “soft launch” we collect feedback and data about the game, which will be used in order to improve the game in this period. The global launch is scheduled for December.

The game is free to download in the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for iOS.
Try it out:

For more information about the game: