Are you ready to go on an adventure?

We are working on a completely different game, called Deck Adventures Wild Arena! In this exciting card game, you command fierce animals to battle your opponents. With many cards to collect and many battlegrounds to explore, the game already provides tons of fun.


Currently we are testing and improving the game on a daily basis, working towards a soft launch very soon. Our goal is to launch the game globally by the end of this year.

Curious how the game looks? Go to our Facebook to see more:

and join our forum:

Paradise City Island Sim is LIVE

The last couple of years we’ve heard some great and nice comments about our City Building games. The new game, Paradise City: Island Sim is based on the classic City Island series but brand new, fresher and with the familiar gameplay as you know from us.


Some other Paradise facts:
– Classic City Building game
– 9 Islands

– 250+ buildings
– Happy Colours
– 40+ beautiful and cool NEW decorations
– Nice music
– Easy to play
– Translated to 24 languages
Jump into a Paradise and make your own beautiful City Island on iOS or Android.
Download Paradise City Island Sim here:
Enjoy the following giftcode:
*ONLY FOR Paradise City: Island Sim

We are so lucky with you! :-)

Hi Everybody,
I receive a lot of really nice messages by e-mail or on Facebook and I want to share it with you, and I really want to thank you all for being such a nice community!!

Big hug,

Thank you for everything, all the help and support. I really appreciate all you as developers do‎ to improve and help where possible. Just the fact that you as a developer reply and respond to my inquiries, says a lot about your developers team. I will make sure to leave a review/comment which tells how much you guys really care about the people downloading and playing your games. Again, thank you.


A million of thanks , you don’t have no minimal idea of how happy i am
playing your games . A wonderfull experience. Superb..



Hi Marleen,

this morning I have optimised my tablet. I’ve also downloaded version
1.4.6 and guess what – it is WORKING!!! As of now, when I make changes in
the game and when I exit the program is saving the changes making them
available when I return to the game – I tried this over a several hour
break this afternoon and all seems fine!

Thank you, thank you, thank you – I can get back to enjoying CI4 now.

I appreciate you help and patience in making this right for me – love your

best wishes,

Sparkling Society Team

Hi everybody,

Curious about us??  Check the picture 🙂
From left to right: Edwin, Ashley, Mark & Marleen

Edwin and Mark are the creative master minds, they develop the games, Marleen & Ashley are the community managers and will always do their best to help you with all your questions.

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BIG NEWS: Pearl Games = Sparkling Society

BIG NEWS: Pearl Games = Sparkling Society!

We decided to tell you that the games 1) Village City Island Sim and 2) Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads who were published by the company PEARL GAMES is the same as Sparkling Society!

But…more BIG NEWS………..



We were working on a new game called: VILLAGE CITY ISLAND SIM 2.

This new version of the Village City Island Sim game will be launched at the 12th of May

coming soon


Hi Everybody!

Thank you so much for all the support! We really appreciate your feedback and help to improve our games!

That’s why we always give a FREE giftcode!

Code: cityisland4game

This giftcode is for all our games.


Mark, Edwin & Marleen

ps. this is only for Android users, for iOS it is not possible to redeem friendcodes anymore…sorry 🙁

Amazing achievements thanks to YOU!

Dear Sparkling Society family member,

As we love to share our passion on creating awesome games together with players from all around the world, we are incredibly proud on what we have achieved together with you in 2015! With your support, help, feedback, 5 star ratings and appreciations, we have achieved amazing things!

Below we’ll share some figures that we can hardly believe to be possible for a small Indie developer that we are, with just a few enthusiasts and a lot of wonderful Sparkling Society members. Thanks to you -and in return- we can continue developing cool features and new games for you!

Facts & Figures

Here we go…in 2015:

  1. Approximately 2.5 million Sparkling Society members played our games each month
  2. Together they played for 3,284,482,014 minutes
  3. 54,741,366 hours
  4. 2,280,890 days
  5. 6249 years…!
  6. Overall 358,959,783 sessions were played by
  7. 20,528,321 Sparkling Society members!
  8. And on 31st of December we had a record breaking total of 418,963 players in one day!

Awesome, isn’t it?!!

What to expect in 2016

Based on the feedback we get from you guys, we still have a lot of things to build and go for in 2016. We have a lot of features on our list for the current games, most of them for City Island 3 and 4. Furthermore, as you may know, we already have been working for a year or so on two new game genres: a strategy battle game and a trading card game. This year, we’ll aim for those to see the daylight! And of course, we’ll conclude 2016 with City Island 5 (any ideas or requests? :)))

Stay tuned for many many more and keep your feedback, issues and more coming through the helpdesk, facebook, our brand new forum, instagram, twitter, youtube, ..!

So cheers to a great 2015 and let’s make 2016 an even better one…together!!

Marleen, Edwin & Mark

V3 1024
Watch our behind the scenes & Happy New Year video:




City Island 4 on iPad / iPhone / iPod

Dear City Island fan,

As you may have noticed, City Island 4 is not yet available in the Apple store. We are just as disappointed as you that it is not available yet for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Apple requires an app to be approved by the Apple team before it can be published. In other words, to be able to launch City Island 4 on the 27th of December in the Apple store, we are dependent on Apple to approve and publish the game in time.  During the Xmas period, the Apple team is on holiday and before their holiday, the game unfortunately had not been approved yet. So, even though we have an awesome game ready for your iPads/iPhones/iPods, it is not yet available in the Apple store..

We really hope that, as soon as Apple returns from its holiday, City Island 4 will be approved and published very soon! We’ll let you know as soon as it is available and (where) you can download it from the Apple store!

Sorry you need to wait longer…!!


Best regards,

Marleen, Edwin & Mark

What’s new in City Island 4

To give you some inside information we want to let you know that City Island 4 is almost ready to be released. The gameplay remains the same as the other city building games, BUT there will be a few new aspects. During the construction of a building, scaffolding will appear around the building. When your building is completed the opening will be celebrated with balloons and cheering …Yeeuhh 😀
It will be very useful to add decoration into your city because decoration will give the surrounding buildings a happiness boost!

Beware! Your buildings need regular maintenance.

What else?

  • Cooler user interface;
  • People biking;
  • Busses and tractors on the road;
  • People walking the dog;
  • Day and night feature;
  • People with umbrellas……and…
  • A lot of surprises in each new update!

You can also enjoy the weather on our new islands with beautiful beaches and nice new parks.

Sunday 27th of December City Island 4 will be available!!!

Mark, Edwin & Marleen

*Wanna know who’s behind the City Island games?
Check it out!

*Wanna see a preview City Island 4?
Check our forum

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Behind the Scenes (video)

When everyone is still asleep….

Early in the morning, when most of you are still asleep…. in a small town in The Netherlands three people are awake. They jump on their bicycles and ride off to the office where they spend the day…developing games with passion, joy and enthusiasm. Who are they? It’s the Sparkling Society team! Together with their fans Sparkling Society tries to bring the best gaming experience for and with players around the world.

Are you curious who is behind Sparkling Society? Watch the video behind the scenes and find out:

New Forum – especially for you!

We love to you at our forum! Because we want to help you with all your questions. 😉 But also we want the community to be able to help each other… do you need help or you want to help others in the game?

Register at the forum and be a better Mayor for you City. There are already moderators waiting for you and your questions.

We really appreciate feedback, new ideas and we will check the forum every day!

***How to registrate/sign up***

It’s very easy to create an account. Please follow these steps

  • Go to;
  • Click on a game you like;
  • At the right upper corner you will see the Login/Sign Up;
  • Click on Sign up and follow the steps to registrate and you will receive an email;
  • Go to your email and click on the activation link to activate your profile;

Congratulations! You are now ready to post your own topics or to reply on current messages.

Countdown to City Island 4!!


The game is live!

Get it here: Download City Island 4



We have great news to tell you!!! We are finalizing your big Christmas gift: a new City Island game. We have done our best to develop all your wishes such as: scaffolding,  people with umbrellas and day and night feature.

Ho Ho Ho we can’t wait to launch the new game. Are you ready for the new City Island game? Countdown with us and have a Christmas to remember!
Do you want more information about City Island 4? Stay tuned at our social media.
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