15 million players!

In a few weeks, we will receive a milestone by welcoming our 15 millionth player, that is 15,000,000! When we started with City Island a little over 2 years ago, we never thought we would ever achieve this. We love games ourselves and we thought that we would find likewise people around the globe with our game(s), but to reach 15 million downloads in just over 2 years, we never expected it.


We are thinking of ways to celebrate this with you. We don’t like to give the player that happens to be number 15,000,000 a prize or so. Especially when you know that many players already play our games since 2012…!

We would love to hear your thoughts on how to celebrate this milestone with you! Do you have some great ideas for contests etc, let us know at feedback@sparklingsociety.net



Looking for FREE gold in City Island games?

If you are looking for free gold in the City Island games, there are a few easy ways to get free gold:

  1. Browse to or follow:
    1. https://www.facebook.com/SparklingSocietyGames every week to get a FREE GIFTCODE for cash and gold. Easy?
  2. Tap on the shop menu button in a game, tap on “free” and follow the instructions. You can enjoy many free offers, but also some offers for a small payment to get lots of gold. For example, to get free gold for downloading and installing an app. Just do it, start the app once and you’ll get the gold. You can remove it from your device at any time if you don’t like the app.
  3. Tap on the “video” icon on the upper left corner of your game. You can watch hundreds of video’s and collect hundreds of gold in that way. Easy-does-it. We have players watched more than 1000 videos and earned lots and lots of cash and gold that way!

We might add new free gold features later on. If you have ideas yourself or from other games, feel free to share them!

Amazing…over 10 Million Players…

Amazing…over 10 Million Players…

Amazing…10 Million Players…

We have reached this incredible milestone a few weeks ago in January. Coming from a downloads total of zero / 0 / null on 1 January 2013, this is absolutely amazing. We thought it would be fun to look at what happened last year and is happening now…in this post you’ll find some fun statistics and a sneak preview to what is coming this year.

Looking back at our first year 2013

We started a little over a year ago, two guys from the Netherlands with a passion for gaming. Our first game, City Island, became a huge success. Today, it has been downloaded millions of times and there are still almost one million active players monthly, with 30 million plays each month (so everyone plays on average every day!). As a small “indie developer” we are really proud we have achieved this.

The “Sparkling Society” has grown immense, with over 300,000 facebook fans from all over the world. This helps us to be a real steady ‘new kid on the block’ and provides us the possibility to give the “Sparkling Society” a two-way conversation, i.e. from us to the fans, but also from the fans back to us for example on how to improve.

Some fun statistics:

  • 150 Million times were our games started in the past 6 months
  • 10.887.287 downloads worldwide (which almost equal to the total amount of people that are living in the Netherlands ;))
  • 98.1% of all player sessions are from returning players
  • 1.845.192 downloads in January 2014 alone
  • 3.000.000+ sessions in 24 hours on 26 January 2014, our busiest day (…so far ;-))
  • 6 games spread over 3 stores

What’s up for 2014?

This year will be a great year again with lots of fun coming! Below you’ll find a first on our plans for the coming year. We will be focusing on the following topics:

  1. launching our games on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Amazon, Windows, and perhaps even Facebook)
  2. launching more city building games, both sequels and brand new games and improve the current games
  3. launching new genres of games, i.e. battle games and trading card games.
  4. bringing our games to China as well

What do you want us to do more? Puzzle games, arcade games, …? Tell us what you like!

We work really really hard to achieve this, but this would never have happened without your help! With your feedback, 5 star ratings, in-app purchases, promotions, etc we are able now to live our dream and passion to fulltime create and improve fun games for you! We hope you will keep on supporting us, so we can keep ’em coming for you 🙂



Edwin & Mark

PS follow us on https://www.facebook.com/SparklingSocietyGames to get free giftcodes to redeem in our games!



1 Million Downloads For City Island 2!

We have reached a milestone for City Island 2: ONE MILLION downloads in just 6 weeks!!!

Very popular city building game!

City Island 2


We are really proud of this achievement! This however does not mean that we will be sitting still and enjoying this success…no, we are constantly trying to improve the game (and all our other games) based on the feedback we get from our “Sparkling Society”! On top of our list of feedback is the ability to construct traffic squares, bridges etc in order have the canals, walkpaths and roads be connected and crossed properly. Great idea! Our designers are working on it right away!
Furthermore, earning gold seems to be a little too challenging in this game, so we will be introducing an exchange office in one of our next updates. So make sure to always download the latest update and don’t miss out on the fun and new features.

To stay tuned on updates and free gifts, make sure to follow our facebook pages:

If you follow the above pages, perhaps soon (tomorrow? ;-)) you will see a free giftcode to redeem in City Island 2 for 25 gold! 🙂


PS our games are often compared to other city building games. Let us know for example, do you prefer City Island 2 or Sim City?

City Island 3!!!

City Island 3 – Building Sim is available on Google Play now! So far the responses have been amazing!!

Download it today and redeem the following gift code for free gold:


Enjoy the game! And please keep supporting us with many many 5 star ratings 🙂 Your support helps us continue to create new games and features for you!


Marleen, Edwin and Mark

City Island 2 @Google Play store

We are sooo excited! We published City Island 2 to the Google Play store!! Download, enjoy and please support us with a 5 star rating if you like our efforts!!

We are working day and night on updates, so there will be more added to the game in the upcoming weeks as well

Enjoy your holiday!
Edwin & Mark

PS Thank you Uģis Brēķis en Maigurs Prūsāns for astonishing designs!






New Communication Channels

Since our portfolio of games is rapidly expanding and many players are playing a few of them at the same time, you now could easily be overloaded with (sometimes overlapping) messages from us. Therefore, we have decided to provide the information that could be interesting for you in the following way:


  • Facebook.com/SparklingSocietyGames
    • This is the main facebook page to follow for new gifts, contests, general information for everyone who likes any of the Sparkling Society games
    • For weekly FREE giftcodes, make sure to follow this page!
  • Facebook.com/CityIslandGame
    • This is the game page for the “City Island series”. At this moment, this contains:
      • City Island,
      • City Island: Winter Edition,
      • City Island (Premium)
      • City Island 2 (currently being developed, launched as soon as possible after X-mas!)
  • Facebook.com/CityIslandAirport
    • This is the game page for the “City Island: Airport series”. At this moment, this contains:
      • City Island: Airport
      • City Island: Airport Asia
      • City Island: Airport USA (currently being developed, planned early 2014)
  • Email newsletter
    • Receive one or two mails a week with a preview of the upcoming sales on all games, announcements and other news
    • Sometimes we provide some extra free giftcodes as well 🙂
  • Twitter/SprklingSociety
    • Facebook posts will be automatically posted to twitter as well
  • Pinterest/SprklngSociety
    • Not sure if you like such a page? Not sure if we like it ourselves. Please share if you feel we must do more with our pinterest page and what to do with it
  • youtube.com/sparklingsocietygame
    • We publish videos and howtos on youtube every now and then. Perhaps we will use youtube more in the future, however we are not quite handy with making videos 🙂
  • Helpdesk
    • You can reach us at help (@) sparklingsociety.net in case you encounter issues. We respond to almost all mails, which is quite a challenge since we are only with two guys…we prefer developing games over helpdesk mails, but we always try to find time to provide great customer support. We feel the Sparkling Society is you, us, and everyone who likes one or more of our games!
  • Overview of our games:

Subscribe to the channels of your likings! And of course, enjoy our games 🙂

Edwin & Mark






Every week we share many great things with our enthousiastic community, “the Sparkling Society”. All members, people that follow us on facebook / twitter / newsletter, are occasionally provided with many little gifts to share our love for (our) games. Play all our games for maximum benefit!

The little gifts can be in many varieties, for example free giftcodes, but also ways to earn double free gold or buy currency at double packages. If you want to know exactly when to benefit optimal, make sure to follow us on all our channels:












Enjoy all our games!




City Island Available in the Apple Appstore

After working with our partners Sping and Innovattic for a couple of months, we finally released the iOS version of City Island to the Apple Appstore on September 19!

You can now enjoy City Island on your iPhone and iPad as well. If you don’t have an apple device, share the good news with your friends who have one. They can finally play City Island and share friendcodes with you (earning you both cash in the game!).

5 Day Results

We are proud to see that the uptake of City Island on iOS is great! Great to see that the game is getting very popular on iOS as well.

Within 5 days, we are ranking in the top 1000 in one hundred countries around the world! With even ranking top 100 in 56 countries!

city island ios rankings

So good news for all members of the Sparkling Society, it seems like together we are able to further expand the Sparkling Society, bringing more and more games to your devices. Share your thoughts below on how we can further improve the games for you or what kind of new city building games you would like to see from us!

Edwin & Mark




City Island: Winter Edition

Just released to the Google Play store:

City Island: Winter Edition

If you are familiar with our game City Island, or if you played the early Sim City games, this new ‘sim city style in the snow’ edition is definitely something you need to try!

In City Island: Winter Edition you will be responsible for building a city on this cold and snowy island. Build houses for your citizens and create jobs with commercial buildings to earn money. At the same time, be sure to build enough decorations and community buildings to keep them happy. If you succeed, maybe Santa Claus will visit your city someday!

City Island: Winter Edition

Gameplay in this edition is the similar to the original City Island, but with the winter season ahead of us, this “sim city building game” with snowflakes dropping from the sky, provides you a completely new user experience.

In this romantic scenery, simulate a wonderful virtual city -like in sim city– with a choice of approximately 100 unique buildings, like hotels, cinema’s, offices, bakeries, restaurants, and even an oil platform. Catch some fish with your boats in the docks, make people happy by building schools, churches, parks, museums, libraries and much more. Furthermore, share codes with your friends in the community and be rewarded with extra cash and gold! A mini simulation of life on an island in its best form!

***** City Island: Airport Asia *****


Especially for the Asian fans of our City Island and City Island: Airport games, now there is the City Island: Airport Asia version available. This time your bounty island is located in the China sea and you need to attract tourists from various Asian cities and fly to many oriental destinations yourself to develop your city and airport.

Gamebalance is made easier and buildings will be unlocked faster to be able to build your paradise island easier.

Later more Asian Landmarks will be added! Share your thoughts on landmarks for both City Island: Airport and City Island: Airport Asia in the comments below!




Great news on City Island: Airport


Today we have passed the 500.000 downloads for City Island: Airport. Wow!!! To celebrate this, you can redeem the following giftcode to get a nice gift:


If you read this post once the code above has been expired, make sure to read along to the “getjar part” for more free and easy diamonds in your game!

If you don’t know how to redeem a gift code, learn this at the bottom of this post.

Wonderful improvements in a new update


We have released a fresh new update of City Island: Airport to the Google Play store.

This update contains a lot of great benefits for you! Everything is much cheaper, earning things and rewards has become much easier and earning diamonds got way more convenient and fast since we switched to Getjar. Simply click on the “free” button in the shop menu, than choose how many diamonds you want to get and then download the amount of apps to get the amount of getjar gold you need to exchange for this purchase. Getjar gold is free to earn, so the diamonds are free to get as well. Just download some apps and your in! That simple!


Make sure to download the latest version of City Island: Airport here!

How to redeem a giftcode in City Island:Airport

City Island (Premium) with GOLDMINE released!

We have released a special Premium version of City Island to the Google Play store! In this version,

  1. you’ll start with a package of 200 gold with a value of 19,99$ AND
  2. you’ll get a Gold mine that produces almost 10 gold each day (2 gold every 5 hours).
  3. Last but not least, THIS WEEK you can redeem the following code for ONE HUNDRED GOLD in City Island (Premium): CIGPREMIUM

And you know what? You can play both the FREE and the PREMIUM versions on your device next to each other 🙂


Enjoy the game!