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PRESS RELEASE City Island: Airport launched on 9 May 2013

Sparkling Society is proud to announce that City Island: Airport will be available in the Google Play app store from 9 May 2013. City Island: Airport is a casual, strategy, building game in which players must grow and build their desert island into a popular holiday island for tourists. Players start with hardly anything and are challenged to build tourist attractions, an airport, and lots of beautiful buildings and decorations to get the tourists coming to the island.

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City Island: Airport is the sequel of the 5 star rated City Island, which is the first and very popular Android game developed by Sparkling Society with over three million downloads in just a few months.

The game provides over 50 addicting levels of fun and excitement, together with friends or alone, playing free or buying virtual goods. Choose your best strategy by either expanding your airport to attract larger planes or develop your tourist paradise with beautiful resorts and great attractions first.

Edwin Morren from Sparkling Society explains: “The City Island: Airport game is very well balanced for both free and paying players. Furthermore, designs used are really beautiful and extremely detailed. For example, build a Safari park and you’ll be amazed to even see toucans in the trees! We are very excited with the result and do even expect City Island: Airport to outperform the original City Island game.”

City Island: Airport is available for FREE from the Google Play app store:

About Sparkling Society

Sparkling Society develops games with the ambition to engage players into fans, i.e. “members of the sparkling society”. With a strong and rapidly growing community of tens of thousands Facebook followers and list members, Sparkling Society is one of the game developing companies to follow closely. Based in The Netherlands, the games are developed together with developers and designers from all over the world to bring the best experience in many different languages. For more information on Sparkling Society, visit:

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Want FREE Gold in City Island?

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Today we started beta-testing our new Android game “City Island: Airport”, which we expect to release on Google Play in a few weeks! We have selected 500 people for this beta test, so if you are not one of them, then we are really sorry you will have to wait for the launch on Google Play…

We are really excited about it!! If you can’t wait either, then start liking our new Facebook page ==>>

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Featured on Android Headlines

We have been featured on Android Headlines and they like our game 🙂

Some quotes from the review article:

Opinion: I’ve long been a fan of Sim City and the Caesar games for Windows and I think that these types of building games work very well on mobile platforms that utilize touch. It’s something I’m sure a lot of people will find familiar and more importantly, a lot of fun. I enjoyed a new setting to build a city in and the fresh approach to building roads and upgrading buildings make this feel like a PC game brought down for smartphones and not just a poor attempt to clone Sim City. If you remember the days of Sim City 3000 or even Sim City 4, as I do, then you’re going to really enjoy this.


  • Speed (3/5) – For me, on my One X, things weren’t as smooth as I thought they would be but, it’s not slow and there were no issues playing the game.
  • Features (4/5) – City Island is a well-packed game and as City Building games go, this is one of the best on Android.
  • Theme (4/5) – The game has a good overall look and feel however, there were perhaps too many menus to go through in the tutorial.
  • Overall (4/5) – Newcomers to the genre will like this game as much as those that are from a Sim City background and it’s very easy to pick up and play whenever and wherever you are.


  • Tutorial helps new players to get to grips with the game quickly and easily.
  • Unique buildings will help you create your very own city.
  • Upgrading homes and buildings is a better approach to starting again.
  • Keeping an eye on the happiness of the City helps with that sense of accomplishment.


  • Tutorial is perhaps a little clunkier that it needs to be.
  • Some buildings take a long time to build.

Conclusion: While are some niggles with the game, I can honestly say that this is one of the better City Building games that I’ve played on Android. City Island doesn’t try to mess with the formula too much, which is great as Sparkling Society have managed to deliver a solid entry into the genre that will keep you busy for hours and hours. The whole point behind City Builders is that you can look upon your creation and be happy with what you’ve accomplished. This is a game that all should try out on Android and, best of all, it’s free! So, what are you waiting for? Follow the link below to give it a try!


What do you think?

What do you think about the game? Do you have special things that you really like in the game and we should never change? Are there things that we should do differently? We love to hear your thoughts on that!

Did you create a review yourself? Let us know!


***** SALE *****

***** SALE *****

Currently there is a sale going on in the game.

Pick a good deal until Sunday 6 January!


City Island released to the Google Play store again!

The new City Island game has been released to the Google Play store! Type in “City Island” and you should be able to find it within a couple of hours!


What can you expect?

Our development team has been working around the clock to see what we could rescue from the old City Island game for all of you. Based on DeviceID and on some friendcode information for most players we could resolve quite a few things related to game progress. As a result, this has brought us to the following:

– we’ll release a new City Island version to the Google Play market as soon as possible, luckily it could be based on a pre-christmas version. Depending on the acceptance procedure, we’ll expect it to be released within 24 hours.
– we hope we can use the name City Island again, so you can find the new game easily. We tried to keep the game-play the same as much as possible.
– this new City Island game checks on your device what is your DeviceID and connects to the server. Based on that information we try to give you a matching good package of gold and cash to get you started real quick. But for us to be able to do the calculations, you have to use the same device as before!
– any payments made in the old game, should result in gold / cash in the new game (with a bonus!)
– any gold earned in the old game, should result in gold in the new game as well (again, with a bonus!)

Any issues with your gold and cash values?

We don’t expect it, but if there is anyone who believes that our scripts did not transfer one or more payments from the old game, send us your friendcode at billing @ and we’ll dive into it.

Hopefully with this release the impact of everything is oversee-able and we can continue the development of the new City Island: Airport game and the City Island version with two islands soon!

Some new game play added

In this version we have added/changed a few things in the gameplay, to make the game a bit more enjoyable. For example: the island is now bigger (!), which offers room for four more expansions, and with each XP level you will unlock two new buildings instead of one! Also, we have added three new buildings, and we will be adding adding more within a month!

Thank you all very much for all your support, ideas, understanding, constructive feedback and more! What a great community we have! With this new published game, we hope everyone is back on track soon and perhaps even has a more beautiful island than before thanks to the many buildings you can build with your gold!

The Sparkling Society Team

City Island 2 – Building Story description

If you liked City Island and early Sim City tycoon games, you will definitely love this new popular city building game! Get the game, join the fun – it’s free!

In City Island 2 you will build houses for your citizens, decorations and community buildings to make them happy, and create jobs so you can earn money and gold from your happy citizens. People in your own city will provide quests and feedback on how well you are doing! Furthermore, you can decorate your city by placing walking paths, rivers, parks and hundreds more fun and beautifully designed items. If you like to play free city builders, building a virtual life on City Island 2 is your best choice!


City Island 2 is the sequel of the popular City Island game -also by Sparkling Society- which has been downloaded approximately 10 million times.


Discover a life in a virtual world full of quests where you have the power to build a business empire with a choice of 150+ unique items on your paradise island. Grow your tiny city into a large metropolis. It is all about balance and being creative in this city tycoon game. You have all the power in this epic story: have hours of free fun on this fabulous exotic island!


** Features **

– Fun FREE to play tycoon game

– City builder with HIGH QUALITY graphics

– Intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

– Enjoy fun quests to help you create your own virtual paradise in this freeplay game!

– Build and decorate a beautiful island with more than 150 unique items, be creative!

– Currencies: gold and cash

– Attract citizens with parks, trees, trains, boats, decorations and community buildings

– Collect profit from your commercial buildings

– Upgrade your city buildings

– Help your citizens build a city on this exotic island story

– City park theme story with tycoon and cityville features

– More advanced than a farm game

– Collect XP and level up to unlock  a new building for construction

– Collect dozens of REWARDS while playing

– Expand the tiny city on your paradise island to create more room for constructing more buildings, and making your little / big city bigger and bigger

– Speed up construction / upgrade time using gold

– Lots of adventure and quests to unlock

– Find pirate chests around your island, containing cash or gold

– Expand your city over land and sea

– Many hours of free fun

– Sim style architecture

– Cooperate and Play with your facebook friends

Join the community and follow us on Twitter, and Facebook, to get FREE gifts every week!!


PLEASE NOTE! City Island 2 is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

SIMILAR GAMES (but less fun than city island 2)

Sim City

Little Big City


Paradise Island: Exotic

City Story




Sims freeplay

Dragon city

Virtual city

Virtual city playground

Tiny City

Very Bad News….

Dear member of the Sparkling Society,

We are very sorry, but we have bad news. This morning we were deeply shocked when we received a message from Google Play. In Google’s opinion, City Island was violating the Google Play Content Policy, since players were awarded when adding a good review and rating in the Play Store.

The result is that our beloved and very popular game City Island has been removed from the Google Play Store. Needless to say, it has never ever been our intention to violate Google’s Policy, but they claim we did. We are very very sorry for all players that have been playing City Island over the past few months, since we cannot solve this matter without consequences.

As it is not allowed to publish any update of the existing game, we are forced to publish a new City Island game from scratch in Google Play. Of course, we will do so as soon as possible.

As a result, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to migrate your game progress from the old City Island to the new one. Clearly, this is terribly annoying and very inconvenient for all of you, and we are very very sorry for that. We will do everything that is within our power to bring things as close to normal as possible. What we can and of course will do is compensate you when you download the new City Island game. Any purchase made in City Island will re-appear in the new game, and we will give you in-game cash and gold based on your previous progress. Besides that, we will soon publish a huge gift code for gold to redeem in the new game, to give you a head start.

We know this still is a very big disappointment for you, and we really are very sorry for the inconvenience it has caused you. We hope that when you download the new game on the same device, and you’ll immediately receive the gold and cash compensation, this will at least be a little salve on the wound for you.

A message will be posted on our Facebook page, through the email list and on our blog as soon as the new City Island game is published in the Google Play store.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
The Sparkling Society Team

Christmas Update is coming

Don’t be surprised to see your island be full of snow, christmas trees and flying Santa’s in the upcoming days. A Christmas Theme with lots of snow is coming to your island!

December Gifts

Since we appreciate you as a member of the Sparkling Society, playing our City Island game, we have decided to do something special this month. EVERY day of December, we’ll give away one or more gifts, from small to BIG. This can vary from various gift codes to an expensive device like Jennifer Robertson won last week (!

But you need to be fast, because some presents will only be available for 15 minutes! So stay tuned 🙂

For today, as a warming up, WITHIN THE FOLLOWING 6 HOURS you can redeem the following gift code YDTHUKIB to collect 2 gold! So be fast 🙂

Enjoy your December!


City Island News: Build on a Second Island

Now with over one million downloads, more and more people are reaching level 55 of City Island. We tried to expand the island, however too badly during testing we found out that a lot of Android devices of our players were not able to run the larger island smoothly. Some very popular devices stuttered a lot, so we had to decide to abandon the idea of creating a larger island.

Now we have good and bad news for you! Let’s start with the good news: we’ll add a second island, doubling the space were you can build your city. Furthermore, you will be able to create new kinds of buildings, since the island will be a little different than the first. The bad news though is that will take a little more time to complete. Our developers and designers are currently working very hard to finish the new City Island game: Airport Island, which will be released in early 2013. This means that only little resources are available to build the City Island extension. However, we expect to release the second island update somewhere in the upcoming weeks as well.

Sorry for the delay, but hey…lots of reasons to stay tuned!